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Key benefits:

  • Protects hair from heat devices
  • Retains moisture in the hair
  • Prevents damaged tips
  • Protects hair color
  • nurtures

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Did you know, devices such as hair dryers, curlers and irons can create temperatures up to 230 ° C which damages and further dries your hair. WATERMANS PROTECT ME is an effective protection during thermal hair styling by creating a protective layer around each hair follicle, thus further sewing the hair.

Protectme sprej

Protects hair from heat devices and retains moisture in the hair.

Prevents damaged ends and protects hair color and care.

Protectme sprej

How to use Watermans Protect Me spray:

  • At a distance of 10 centimeters, apply the spray to damp hair before blow-drying.
  • Spray the appropriate amount on dry hair before curling or ironing


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