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Sanosan line for the most gentle care around the baby’s skin, provides additional protection and hydration by creating a protective layer to help the baby’s skin defend against external influences. With its active ingredients, hydrolyzed milk protein and natural olive oil extract, it prevents dehydration and any occurrence of allergies, simultaneously creating a protective layer and restoring the baby’s fragile skin.



Sanosan represents a German brand of gentle cosmetics for the youngest proven quality that is trusted by parents around the world. A product line created with the utmost care and concern for the youngest to be fully tailored to baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby’s skin does not yet develop natural defense mechanisms like an adult’s skin, so additional protection of the baby’s skin from external influences is needed. The Sanosan baby line helps baby’s skin maintain a level of hydration and protection.

The Sanosan baby line is created from the finest ingredients:

  • Hydolized milk protein that protects the skin by creating a protective layer
  • Natural olive oil, which is closest in its composition to the natural oil that the human body secretes through the skin

Both active ingredients act simultaneously on the skin, creating a protective layer, soothing irritations, redness, restoring dry, fragile baby’s skin, preventing dehydration and any occurrence of allergies.

  • without parabens
  • without synthetic ingredients
  • allergen free
  • without paraffin oil
  • without artificial dyes

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šampon 500ml, šampon 200ml


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