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  • unisex fragrance
  • 100% homemade perfume
  • incredibly durable
  • light, imbued with spicy and woody notes

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Rock Filius – Vetiver Rock

Stronger than rock – VETIVER ROCK!

Powerful, irresistible, sensual, persistent – VETIVER ROCK is the first perfume of the Rock Filius brand, our celebrated football player Dejan Lovren.

The idea to develop and create a 100% top quality domestic perfume for Dejan Lovren appeared when the founders and owners of the Rock Filius brand contacted the Croatian Perfume House, ie the owner and chief perfumer Tomislav Vrbanac with a very clear vision of what they want.

Rock Filius - Vetiver Rock

After several months of preparation and intensive work, the first trial recipes were ready, more than 300 of them, from which one had to choose the one that will become the first perfume of the Rock Filius brand. The selection was then narrowed to ten samples, and after another 4 months of testing and testing, the final version of the VETIVER ROCK perfume was reached.

Rock Filius - Vetiver Rock


Given that Dejan Lovren knows very well what he wants, his wishes should have been translated into perfume. So, harmonize the perfume essences and balance the fragrant notes well to get the perfect perfume recipe. In order to complete such a refined scent, appropriate packaging was also needed. Therefore, VETIVER ROCK comes in an exclusive, finely polished bottle with the prominent name of the VETIVER ROCK perfume and a luxurious but unobtrusive gold stopper with the ROCK FILIUS logo.

Rock Filius - Vetiver Rock

VETIVER ROCK is a perfect UNISEX fragrance, natural golden in color. Its main ingredient is vetiver, which is equally loved by women and men. Vetiver Rock is light, imbued with spicy and woody notes, and at the same time fresh and warm. In addition to vetiver, VETIVER ROCK also contains Tonka beans, hazelnuts, lily of the valley, sandalwood, tobacco, caramel and pralines.

Rock Filius - Vetiver Rock

It is unlikely that such a high quality perfume will be found on the Croatian market. Namely, VETIVER ROCK is a perfume extract, which means that its concentration is as high as 30%. This makes it almost so incredibly durable. According to the test group, the persistence of odors on the skin is longer than 12 hours!

VETIVER ROCK is warm, sweet and refreshing, and comes in a 50 ml package.


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