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If you want to finally put an end to hair loss problems, then this shampoo is the perfect solution. Due to the effective mixture of medicinal ingredients, you will be able to see and touch the results after only a few uses.


  • strengthens hair
  • stimulates scalp microcirculation

Kartice 2


Nettle-based hair growth shampoo is the perfect solution if your problem is sparse and weak hair, which is also prone to loss.

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This unique natural recipe was created by combining vegetable, cold-pressed oils of argan, macadamia, castor, vitamin E, and rosemary essential oil.

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The combination of ingredients stimulates the microcirculation of the scalp, helps revitalize it, and strengthens the hair from root to tip. It is adapted to all types of scalp, and after a few uses, the first results will be noticeable visually and tactilely.

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Hair will fall out less, it will be stronger and fluttery. After regular use, new, young hair will gradually form, and you will not have the slightest problem to get used to your new, healthy and naturally lush hair.

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