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Immortelle extract and 7 other essential oils are eagerly waiting for you to open the magic bottle of Golden Serum, to nourish and refresh your face and gently pour its healing properties over it. This magic formula is the most effective elixir of youth you will ever find.


  • deeply nourishes the skin
  • slows down aging
  • reduces redness
  • removes scars
  • acts on depigmentation and couperosis
  • slows down the breakdown of collagen

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Immortelle extract – “gold of Herzegovina” – and all its healing properties are preserved in a bottle of Golden Serum. This product is intended for extra luxury facial care.

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It consists of 7 types of vegetable, cold pressed, unrefined oils and immortelle essential oil. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and makes it soft and smooth after the first application.

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It deeply nourishes, slows down aging, acts on wrinkles, reduces redness and freckles, removes small scars, acts on depigmentation and couperosis, and slows down the breakdown of collagen.

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It is suitable for all skin types.

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