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  • Effective all year round
  • Precise, energy efficient heating
  • 75% quieter

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The only fan heater with Jet Focus control

The only fan heater with Jet Focus control. Directional mode for powerful long-range airflow or diffuse mode for wide air projection.

Am09 Jetfocus Hero

Effective all year round

Dyson Hot + Cool ™ heater fan heats the room quickly and evenly. On warm days, they cool effectively.

Am09 Effectiveallyear

Air Multiplier ™ technology

Dyson fan heaters use Air Multiplier technology to create a strong continuous air flow.

Am09 Amtech

Long-range strong airflow

Choose personal mode to direct strong air blowing for long-range heating. No more sitting in front of the heater.

Am09 Circulation


No rapidly rotating blades or visible heating elements. The AM09 automatically shuts off if it overturns.

Am09 Safe

Perfect for night use

Perfect for night use, quieter with smart temperature control and sleep timer.

Am09 Nighttimeuse

75% quieter

By reducing the turbulence inside the Dyson Hot + Cool ™, Dyson engineers made them quieter. To do this, they directed the flow of air inside the device allowing it to pass smoothly. They also made a Helmholtz chamber for each fan, which captures and disperses sound from the engine.

Am09 Quietmark

Remote control

With oscillation, temperature and air exhaust settings. Magnetized and rounded to store on the device.

Am09 Remote

It leans easily

The AM09 rotates at its center of gravity, remaining in place, without squeezing.

Am09 Tilt

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