1. Collection and use of information

    Rox d.o.o. appreciates and protects your privacy. In the process of realization of the requested service and for providing information and information related to your purchase or other service, we will use only the information that you voluntarily give us. We undertake not to sell, disclose or disclose this information to any third party in a manner not set forth in this statement.

  2. Registration

    In order to make a reservation or send an inquiry, the user pre-registers by filling out the registration questionnaire / form. During registration, the user is asked for contact information (such as name and e-mail address, residential address, telephone number). This information is used to contact the user when answering questions posed on our website and to ensure the privacy of the user in controlling the status of the reservation and the entry or change of data. The user can send a request without data using only a correctly entered email address.

  3. Reservation

    When booking goods or other services that we offer on this site, we will ask for personal information of the holder of the reservation (such as name, address, contact phone number, etc.). This data will be used exclusively for the realization of the service. Payment data (such as card number, etc.) are specially protected and will be available only to banks or card companies for payment authorization, inaccessible data to Rox d.o.o. and available only to an authorized company for the collection of such data (Corvus info d.o.o.)

  4. Log files

    We use IP addresses to analyze trends, maintain websites, track user movements, and collect broader demographic data. IP addresses are not linked to any personal data that can be used to identify an individual.

  5. Availability of information

    The demographic data collected will be available to our media partners, professionals and advertisers. This is not related to any personal data that can be used to identify an individual. In order to provide special services we may partner with a third party. Only when the user applies for these services will the third party be provided with the names or other contact information necessary to provide the said services. A third party is not allowed to use personal data except for the purpose of providing the aforementioned services.

  6. Links

    This website contains links to other websites. Please consider how Rox d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for respecting the privacy of the aforementioned other Internet sites. We encourage our users to read the privacy statements of each website that collects personal information. This Privacy Statement applies solely to the information collected on this Website.

  7. Newsletter

    Contact information, such as name and email address, may be requested in case the user wishes to sign up to receive the newsletter.

  8. Questionnaires

    Our websites periodically request information from users through questionnaires. Participation in these questionnaires (e.g. sweepstakes) is entirely voluntary and the user is left with the choice to provide or refuse to provide the requested information. The information requested may include contact information (such as name or home address) and demographic information (such as zip code or age). Contact information will be used to notify winners and prize winners. The results of the questionnaire will be used to monitor and improve this website and / or our services.

  9. Security

    These websites take all measures to protect user data. The entry of confidential data through this website is protected online and offline. If confidential information (such as personal information) is required from users in our registration form, that information is encrypted and protected by a security protocol (SSL). During the stay on the protected page, the padlock icon at the bottom of Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or other Internet browsers is locked, unlike the unlocked or open icon during normal browsing of our pages. In addition to using SSL encryption to protect user data on the Internet, we do everything in our power to protect the same data off-line. Access to all information about our users, not just the confidential information mentioned above, is limited. Only employees who need it to access a particular service have access to confidential information.Za sva dodatna pitanja o sigurnosti na našim Internet stranicama možete poslati e-mail na: gdpr@rox.hr

  10. Special offer

    You may from time to time receive information about products, services and special offers, as well as a newsletter. Respecting the privacy of our users, we offer the possibility of rejecting this type of information. Please check how to select these options.

  11. Corrections to personal data

    If the user's personal information (such as a zip code) changes or if the user no longer wants our service, we allow you to correct, update or remove the user's personal information we hold. This can usually be done on the "My Account" website or by sending an e-mail to the address: gdpr@rox.hr


Rox d.o.o. undertakes to provide protection of personal data of customers by collecting only the necessary, basic data of customers / users that are necessary for the fulfillment of the contract; regularly gives customers a choice about the use of their data, including the ability to decide whether or not they want their name removed from the lists used for marketing campaigns. All user data is strictly kept and is available only to employees who need this data to do the job. All employees of Rox d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for adhering to the principles of privacy.


Rox d.o.o. with registered office: Slavonska avenija 100, 10040 Zagreb, is the manager of the processing of your personal data.

The privacy policy applies to all personal data of users that we collect and process, directly or through our partners.

Personal data is any data relating to a natural person whose identity has been established or can be established, directly or indirectly.

Data processing is any action performed on personal data, such as the collection, storage, use, insight and transfer of personal data.

This Policy does not apply to anonymous data. Anonymous data is data that cannot be linked to a specific individual.

Personal data: name, surname, address, contact number, email address

Sales Information: Purchase information, including customer user identity, contract number, and warranty, complaint, delivery, support, and service information, including complaints and claims.

Product Sales – to process your sales and service your product

Rox d.o.o. will collect personal information, sales and service information as well as customer history information when you purchase, service or repair a product purchased from us, including warranty and verification requirements, and will use it to provide the services you have requested and to inform you about issues related to your product and the fulfillment of the contract.

The provision of personal data for the purpose of fulfilling the concluded contract is a contractual obligation and if you do not provide it, it may affect the proper performance of the contract or even disable it.

Customer support and marketing – for answering inquiries and giving news and offers

Rox d.o.o. collects personal information and may use it to provide customers with support, answers to inquiries and complaints, and to assess which news and offers you are most likely to be interested in and to contact you regarding those offers in accordance with your interests.

Personal data may be transferred to third parties, provided that there is a legal basis for the transfer.

For the realization of the contract for the delivery of goods, we will share the data with the distribution service providers with whom we cooperate and have concluded contracts. The distribution service provider may, upon delivery of goods or services, request the user a personal document for inspection and / or record certain data from the document. If the user is unwilling to submit such information necessary for the delivery of the package, ie proof of the customer, the service or goods will not be able to be performed or delivered.

  • Authorized service providers when advertising the product under warranty or at the request of the user due to a defect or inability to use the product for any of the reasons relevant to the user.
  • Sponsors of prize competitions in the process of handing over prizes to the user. If the user does not want Rox d.o.o. shares data with sponsors for the purpose of awarding a possible prize, we advise the user not to participate in such activities both in the store and on the website of Rox d.o.o.
  • To state institutions that request data for inspection due to some third processing of the same or the need to exercise the rights of Rox d.o.o. due to non-compliance with the service contract.
  • To the company / internet service Mailchimp, which is professionally engaged in the automated sending of advertising messages

We store and process personal data only for as long as is necessary for the execution of a certain legitimate purpose, unless the applicable regulations provide for a longer period of storage for a particular purpose, and at least for the duration of the contract between the user and Rox d.o.o.

In the case of giving consent to marketing, we keep the data as long as the consent is not withdrawn. In the case of rejected bids, where no consent has been given for marketing, we keep the data related to the bid for one year, and in case you ask us to delete them, they will be deleted immediately.

Personal data that is no longer needed is either irreversibly anonymized or destroyed in a secure manner.

Access to the roxbeauty.eu online store is possible with or without registration.

When registering a natural person on the roxbeauty.eu website, we ask you for certain personal data such as name and surname, email address, residential address, telephone number for the purpose of providing various benefits. Upon registration, the customer accesses his database on the Internet store Rox d.o.o. within which it has several benefits (loyalty program and points collection, support in the form of keeping an invoice, warranty card, etc. in case the customer loses them ..)

When purchasing on the roxbeauty.eu website without registration, we collect the data necessary for the delivery of the purchased goods, and the specified data is stored for the purpose of fulfilling the contract.

The user of our website can choose whether or not to receive promotional messages by clicking on the checkbox, regardless of whether he has registered on the site or not.

Providing personal information is a decision of the user who may or may not use the benefits of our company. If the user chooses not to provide the data required for a particular activity, it will not be able to be implemented.

The data provided by the user during registration are stored on the Internet store server (Kinsta, US), and in the business program to which the employees of that department have access, along with the codes for access to the business program.

You can deactivate your registration at any time by selecting the deactivation field. In this case, the data will be stored in the Internet store system as long as there is a need to perform a legitimate purpose, and at least for the duration of the contract between the user and Rox d.o.o.

We recommend that our users combine uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers when creating a password for an account to make the password itself more sophisticated and harder to crack. We as a company hereby inform customers that credit card data as well as any such data is not stored or processed on our site but on protected sites of Corvus (CorvusPay) where everything is done through encryption and we as a company this data is not visible in its original form. You as a user may choose to leave the data permanently on the billing sites but this data is not on our servers or within our software solution. We encourage you to read how these pages process and record this type of your data.

All data is stored on several media:

Data for promotional purposes:

  • on Rox account within Mailchimp page (user email address …)

User information as a customer:

  • on the website of the Internet store roxbeauty.eu located in the leased part of the company that provides space on the web named Kinsta Inc, USA
  • in the Point business program of Point d.o.o., and on the local server Rox d.o.o. which is accessible only to certain employees of the company and the company Point d.o.o. for the purpose of maintaining the software solution
  • Leased accounts on Microsoft’s OneDrive / Sharepoint store warranty and complaint information in the form of a photo or video of the product, complaint receipts, and legal correspondence.

Rox d.o.o holds local servers in the Republic of Croatia on the premises of Rox.

The user, at any time, has the opportunity to access his data stored on the website where he can revise, change and delete it. All changes made to the website will be recorded within the business program itself with an interval of 24 hours.

The customer, ie the user, can at any time receive information on which data Rox d.o.o. has stored by sending an inquiry to the email address gdpr@rox.hr.

We will only be able to provide feedback on your inquiry if the inquiry is sent from an active email recorded in our business solution with the correct information within the email (name and surname, telephone number of the user requesting information) to protect you from the possibility of exposing your personal data to a third party.

The right to forget the user’s personal data:

The user has the right to request the deletion of personal data at any time. You can do this by sending a request to the email address gdpr@rox.hr and the data will be deleted without delay unless there is a legal obligation to keep the data, a legitimate interest and the basis for exercising your legal rights.

We will only be able to provide feedback on your request if the request is sent from the active email recorded in our business solution with the correct information within the email (name and surname, telephone number of the user requesting information) to protect you from the possibility of exposing your personal data to a third party.

If, despite all the measures taken to protect personal data, you believe that you have grounds for objection, please contact the email address gdpr@rox.hr. Along with the application to us, you can also submit the application to the Agency for Personal Data Protection (AZOP – link: Agency for Personal Data Protection).

The collected data is electronically protected by an SSL certificate that encrypts the data and thus ensures that communication between the user’s computer and Rox d.o.o. takes place through a secure protocol without the possibility of access to data from third parties. We take data protection seriously and take all advanced technologies to keep your data protected. We implement all reasonable data protection measures but cannot guarantee the protection of information transmitted to or from the Internet and therefore we are not responsible for the information received in this way by a third party. Rox d.o.o. it stores all data within the EU, and only exceptionally outside the EU.

The privacy statement, Rox d.o.o., may be amended at any time by posting the amended privacy text on the Rox d.o.o. website. We hereby invite users to periodically review this statement which will indicate new changes if any have occurred in the previous period. If the user does not agree with this privacy statement we instruct the user to leave, not access and not use the site roxbeauty.eu. The amendment to the privacy statement takes effect immediately after its publication on the robeauty.eu website. The continued use of the site by the user after the entry into force of the changes, implies that the user confirms and accepts the amended privacy statement.

A cookie is information that a website stores on a visitor’s computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to remember the actions of visitors from their visits. Most browsers allow the use of cookies, but the user can delete cookies at any time or set a cookie in the browser. The most common reasons for using cookies are user identification, remembering user preferences, helping to enter or view content that has already been entered in previous visits, collecting data for analysis and promotional campaigns.

When you use cookies, certain data is collected automatically from your computer when you come to our site. This information may include your IP address, access date and time, information about the type of computer, operating system, browser you are using, program versions, and language settings for your computer. By accessing the site itself, you will see a notification about the use of cookies that collect this information, and by clicking on the “I agree” field, you give us consent to the collection of this information. If you do not consent to the consent on the site, this information will not be collected, stored and processed.

Cookies can be Session cookies – they are stored on a computer and are deleted immediately after closing the browser and allow the site to collect temporary data such as a shopping cart or comments

Persistent cookies – remain in the computer even after closing the browser or shutting down the computer but usually have an expiration date. Rox d.o.o. uses cookies of this type to facilitate access to users which is visible in situations when the user returns to our site and is immediately logged into the same which tells them to store the username and password.

First-party cookies that come from the website you have visited can be temporary or permanent. Such cookies allow the website to store the data used when the user visits the website again. Third-party cookies are cookies that come from external services that store limited cookies to the user (these services are Facebook, Instagram, Google analytics, AdWords …)

These cookies are set by the Rox online store and serve as an aid in interpreting user behavior and for marketing purposes.

In the browser settings you can specify which cookies you want to accept and which to reject. The location of the edit settings depends on the type of browser, and can be found when searching for help or help files. If you decide that you do not want to accept cookies from the roxbeauty.eu website, there is a possibility that you will not be able to use certain functions on the website.

Rox d.o.o., Croatia, EU


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